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New Gans356 3x3 56mm
Dayan 2x2 (Stickerless 50mm)
Dayan 55mm Zhanchi (Black)
Dayan Gen4 Lunhui (Black)
Dayan Gen4 Lunhui (Stickerless)
Dayan Gen4 Lunhui (White)
Dayan GenII Guhong V1 (White)
Fangshi Shishaung (50mm White Stickered)
Fangshi Shishaung (50mm Black Stickered)
Fangshi Xingyu (Black)
Lanlan Curvy Copter (Black)
Lanlan Rex Cube (White)
MF8 2x3x4 (Black)
MF8 Square-1 (Black)
Moyu AoFu (Black)
Moyu AoLong (Black 57mm)
Moyu AoLong (White 57mm)
Moyu AoLong (Black 54.5mm)
Moyu Aosu (Black)
Moyu Guanlong (White)
MoYu Huachuang 5x5 (Black)
MoYu mini Aosu (Black)
MoYu mini Aosu (White)
MoYu Skewb (Black)
Moyu Weisu 4x4 (White)
Moyu Yueying (Black)
QJ Megaminx (Stickered - Black)
QJ Pyraminx - Tiled (White)
QJ Pyraminx - Tiled (Black)
Shengshou Aurora 2x2 (White)
ShengShou Megaminx (Black)
ShengShou Megaminx (White)
Speed QJ Timer (White)
Three Layer Gear Cube V1 (White)
Three Layer Gear Cube V2 (Black)
WitTwo 2x2 V1 (Stickerless)
5.7cm Dayan Zhanchi DIY Kit

28th April 2015


All the above rates include delivery charges if purchased by NEFT/Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking

If purchased through COD, COD Charges will be applied based on the location

Andhra Pradesh - Rs. 75

South India - Rs. 90

Eastern India - Rs. 150

Rest of India - Rs. 100