Bhargav Shengshou Moyu Skewb -

Shengshou Vs Moyu Skewb - Bhargav's review

Review by Bhargav Narasimhan

After ~100 solves on both :

Shengshou skewb
- Almost twice as fast as Moyu
- A little smaller
- A bit unstable
- Locks up at times

Moyu skewb
- Blockier
- More stable
- Better corner cutting = Lesser lock ups

The feels are totally different and it all boils down to what kind of feel you prefer.
If I am supposed to compare this to the 2x2s in the market, SS feels more like a Lingpo while Moyu feels like a Dayan.
Both have torpedoes and don't pop what so ever.

Moyu feels a hundred times better out of the box but Shengshou turns incredibly fast once it is tensioned.

If skewb is one of your main events, you can consider swapping the springs in SS with that of Lanlan's (only springs, not ball bearings) and it turns even more controllable and crazy fast. This is probably because the springs of SS are longer and hence are tightly packed with the ball bearings, leading to increased friction, while the springs on the Lanlan are shorter. 
I have beaten my ao5 and ao12 PBs with the SS & ao50 and ao100 with the Moyu. Both have incredible potentials!