Bhargav Shengshou Moyu Skewb, Yulong -

MoYu Yulong - Review by Bhargav

Review by Bhargav Narasimhan

First of all, I did not expect the Yulong to be this good for its price.
- Even out of the box, the cube was very fast (unlike the Dayan cubes and aolong, which takes a while to break in) and I was unable to get used to the speed.
- Feels light and the cube looks like a cheaper version of Aolong.
- M slices are very good and the cube feels very close to a Chilong.
- Although this is a 57mm cube, this feels slightly smaller (more like a 56mm), but I dont  find it as controllable as a mini Zhanchi or a mini Weilong for OH . If there could be a mini version of this, this definitely might be considerable because it is as light as a Zhanchi and doesn't pop.
- The cube doesn't slow down whatsoever, even when a high viscosity lube is used.
- Corner twists happen quite often, probably the same issue that was faced with a Chilong.
- The cube is also quite noisy, so if you basically like noisy cubes like the CX3, you might like this too.
- The corner cutting is as good as an Aolong and this definitely is worth the money.

If you are an intermediate cuber, do not like the feel of an Aolong or in need of a good speedcube for MBLD, this would probably be the best choice!

Best cube in the 300- 400 range