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Bhargav Shengshou Moyu Skewb, Yulong -

Review by Bhargav Narasimhan First of all, I did not expect the Yulong to be this good for its price. - Even out of the box, the cube was very fast (unlike the Dayan cubes and aolong, which takes a while to break in) and I was unable to get used to the speed. - Feels light and the cube looks like a cheaper version of Aolong.- M slices are very good and the cube feels very close to a Chilong. - Although this is a 57mm cube, this feels slightly smaller (more like a 56mm), but I dont  find...

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Bhargav Shengshou Moyu Skewb -

Review by Bhargav Narasimhan After ~100 solves on both : Shengshou skewb- Almost twice as fast as Moyu - A little smaller - A bit unstable- Locks up at times Moyu skewb - Blockier - More stable - Better corner cutting = Lesser lock ups The feels are totally different and it all boils down to what kind of feel you prefer.If I am supposed to compare this to the 2x2s in the market, SS feels more like a Lingpo while Moyu feels like a Dayan. Both have torpedoes and don't pop what so ever. Moyu feels a hundred times better out...

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