Aerol Silicone Spray

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    We will ship this order only for Hyderabad CODs.


    • Please read the instruction of the Silicone spray can before use on your cubes.
    • Grade 70 is a Solvent free grade. It leaves a non sticky film that does not attract dust. Well suited as a Polish and Lubricant. Also used for mould release agent.
    • This can comes with a long nozzle, so it can reach the inner parts of the cube
    • Non corrosive for plastic.
    • MRP Rs. 180, We are adding Rs. 30 for packing and handling
    • COD Charges are extra (Rs. 75 for Hyderabad)
    • 250g - One Can should be enough for 1 to 2 years


    Recommended to use in highly ventilated places or outdoor.


    This product cannot be shipped through courier, so if the delivery is not in Hyderabad we cannot ship this item.