Gan356 Air 3x3( Master Edition)

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The Gans 356 Air (56mm) is the latest release from Gans. The Gans 356 Air aims to achieve a very lightweight yet stable feel. Many subtle but important design changes have also been made in the Gans 356 Air, which allow it to be even more stable and lightweight than any of its predecessors (as light as 70 grams, depending on the configuration). 

Additionally, for the Gans 356 Air, Gans has created a patented, color-coded spring elasticity system called the GES (Gans Elasticity System). Please refer to the picture diagrams for more details. 

Master Version: This is the Master version of the Gans 356 Air. The Master version features the Gans half bright sticker set pre-applied to the cube. It also comes with the Metal Adjusting Tool and a full set of GES components (4 different spring sets in total). 

Advanced and Standard versions of the Gans 356 Air may become available in the future, but the Master version will be released first.