Earning Program


Earn Program #1: Earn up to Rs. 450 or more on every order you make*

Earn while you unbox

  1. Upload a video of unboxing in YouTube on the purchase you have made (Order above Rs. 600, excluding COD charges and those orders which does not use any store coupons)
  2. Mention the http://pcubedpuzzles.in website and product details URL 
  3. Send us the YouTube link to support@pcubedpuzzles.in and your order number with subject as "Earn Program #1"
  4. We will send you the coupon code for Rs. 100 on your registered email, if our team accepts the video based on the guidelines. We will also send addition coupons each worth Rs. 100 based on the following criteria at that point of time.
    1. 100 to 200 subscribers - 1 additional coupon
    2. 201 to 400 subscribers - 2 additional coupons
    3. 401 to 600 subscribers - 3 additional coupons
    4. 600+ subscribers - contact us 
  5. If the number of views exceeds 5000 within 2 months, we will send you another coupon worth Rs. 50. Please send us a mail to support@pcubedpuzzles.in with the YouTube link to verify the number of views so that our team can accept and issue the coupon code.
  6. All coupons are sent to the email used while ordering the product
  7. Read terms and conditions for coupons

Terms and Conditions

  1. Any coupon is valid for a single time use and within 2 months of the issue date
  2. For every transaction, only a single coupon code is acceptable
  3. Free gifts will not be applicable if the purchases are made using any coupon
  4. Any coupon is valid only for the purchases above Rs. 600, excluding COD charges
Guidelines for YouTube videos
  1. The YouTube video should be in HD format
  2. The YouTube video should be more than 3 minutes
  3. The YouTube video should indicate clearly without any ambiguity the store details
  4. The YouTube video should be encouraging to the speed cubers and the store
  5. The decision for accepting the video will be at sole discretion of the PCubed Puzzles team
  6. Our team will take at least 1 week to review the videos after receiving a mail
  7. The unboxing video should be made and uploaded within a weeks time after receiving the product
  8. We may either copy or use an iframe with video embedded to share this video on any of our advertising channels. This video cannot be copy righted and we are free to use any part or in full for our advertisements.