Frequently Asked Questions

Q01) Which is the best cube ?

Various parameters are needed for deciding which suits the best. All are branded cubes and every cube has a large fan following. Please check with various online forums to decide which is the best cube. Parameter to look at include

01) Cube Size

02) Cube base color

03) Sticker colors

04) Quality of plastic

05) Pop-outs

06) Lock-ups

08) Smoothness

09) Existing cube in hand

10) Budget


Q02) When will i receive my purchased Item ?

We will ship the item within 2 working days. Usually the courier companies may take 2-3 working days of time if the shipment address is a metro city, otherwise it may take 4-5 working days. however there may be delays by courier companies which the seller is not responsible. COD deliveries will take 4 to 5 working days after shipment.


Q03) Where is my shipment ?

After we ship the purchased item, we will send an email with courier tracking details. Please use the courier companies online tracking system to track the shipment. It is advised to give a call to the courier companies to track the delivery progress. Please note that the seller cannot influence the courier companies in any manner.


Q04) My Cube pops out frequently ?

We sell branded cubes and we do not guarantee on cube pop outs. To our understanding, any cube pop outs if a brute force is applied especially with there is a lockup while doing the solves.


Q05) Can I have Cash on Delivery option ?

Yes, Please select "Cash on Delivery (COD)" as the shipment method. We highly recommend use pre paid service because of the paper work delays by courier companies when a shipment is sent through COD.

Rs. 60 is charged extra for all COD shipments.


Q06) Can the item be shipping outside India?

Currently, our delivery is restricted to India.


Q07) What is the shipping cost ?

All prices listed includes the shipping cost for prepaid purchases except for the following listed states. Rs. 10 will be charged extra for the following states. 

Andaman and Nicobar
Arunachal Pradesh
Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Daman and Diu
Jammu and Kashmir

Extra COD charges will be applied as mentioned in above FAQ 05, if Cash on Delivery is opted.


Q08) Can you ask the courier person to come at 1pm ?

We will not have any control on courier delivery mechanism. Please call your local courier center and co-ordinate yourself.


Q09) I have used my credit card and the payment was sucessful, however my system restarted after the payment?

Please contact us or DirecPay with the Transaction Reference ID and we will refund such amounts.

 Q10) Can I test the cubes and do a video in YouTube ?

Please see our Earning program