Modded cubes

We are facilitating our customers with modded cubes by well known folks who are very good at modding and have proven record.

We would like you to talk to the modders before purchasing on the exact modding done.

Currently the following cubes are available which are modded and lubed. Please call us on +918985043238 if you would like to purchase.


Modded by Suraj Sanjay (Chat on FB)

1) Shengshou 4x4 - Rs. 700


Modded by Aaryan Sharma (Chat on FB)

1) PCubed Fangcun Black - Rs. 600

2) Moyu Weilong V1 - Rs. 900 (Pre order)


Modded by Pranav Immaneni (Chat on FB)

1) PCubed Fangcun White - Rs. 600


Modded by Kavin Mukil (Chat on FB)

1) LanLan Skewb - Rs. 700


Modded by Jithin Prakash K

1) Pyraminx - Rs. 600


Modded by Kshitij Sachdeva

1) LanLan Skewb - Rs. 700 


There were lot of budding modders who approached us to list their names. Kindly send/resend details to and we will list them.