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Rings Puzzle - Jiulianhuan

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This is Chinese Jiu lian huan metal ring puzzle The Chinese Rings Puzzle is believed to be one of the oldest puzzles known, dating back to China over 2000 years ago. We believe that what makes it so popular is that it cleverly combines both logic and creative thinking. Nine Connected Rings is a Chinese folk toy made by nine connected rings. It can be operated repeatedly in accordance with certain procedures, then 9 rings can be respectively released or unified. In Qing Dynasty, Nine Connected Rings were recorded in A Dream of Red Mansions. Zhou Bangyan also left the poem that "is he so intelligent to resolve the Nine Connected Rings?" Nine Connected Rings are widely popularized with a large variety and different specifications.


It is made of nine medal rings linked on a horizontal bar or other frames. The stalk of frames can have various shapes, such as sword, butterfly and plum blossom, and all rings are connect to it by copper pole. The game is to link all the nine rings to the copper ring in accordance with certain rules or release all the rings through pulling or linking. It has many solutions. The player has to undergo 81 rounds before he link all the nine rings to one pole, as well as 81rounds to release all the rings. In addition, it can also form various shapes of flower basket, hydrangeas, palace lantern and other shapes. At the same time, Nine Connected Rings also confirm to one order. Playing Nine Connected Rings requires a considerable period of time, which can develop endurance.