Gans 356

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** Gans356 3x3 - HOT IN MARKET **

The Ganspuzzle 356 delivers Easy Corner-Cutting, Easy Reverse Corner-Cutting, Anti-Pop, Anti-Corner Twist and smooth performance out of the box.

The Gans III 56mm showcases some of the finest engineering we have seen on a speedcube to date and sports the Iron-Plastic Ganscore V2 (IPG V2) which is a lighter, stronger and finer core delivering high performance.  The 356 inherits the GAN357 grooved track design and high precision moulding ensures the grooves match perfectly for maximum performance and speed.  Seams and parting lines are hidden from the contact surface, and there is also no seams or parting lines on the exterior of the cube which ensures the cube performs well out of the box without the need to break the cube in.  The joint mechanism is evolved from the GAN2, meaning all edge and corner pieces are fixed by screws to ensure a strong attachment.  The 356 cube has lengthened edge feet + broad edge mini feet which ensures excellent anti-pop capability, and circle-square corner-feet deliver excellent anti-corner twist protection.