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Recommended for any cube. Contains mixture of PDMS and other Silicone fluids

Low Viscous lubes can be applied for instant lubing of the cube. Please try our new product P3 Turbo (Maru like). 

High Viscous lubes are gummy and recommend to cubes which are hard. Upon applying the lube, the cube needs to undergo at least 20 to 30 solves to see the benefits of the lube. Use high viscous lube sparingly.

Prices for each lube is different and the starting range is from Rs. 100 onwards, please select the lube and the price will show up. We will also ship a Lure syringe along with medium and high viscous lubes.

P3 Turbo is a maru like water based silicone solution which is in milky white color.

25ml Bottles

  • P3 Turbo - Like Maru lube 25ml
  • P3 Silicone – Low Viscous 25ml
  • P3 Silicone – Medium Viscous 25ml
  • P3 Silicone – High Viscous 25ml
  • Polydimethyl Siloxane (PDMS) Medium Viscosity (Inspired by Lubix)
  • Silicone 3 centistokes Very Low Viscosity
  • Silicone 5 centistokes Very Low Viscosity
  • Silicone 20 centistokes Very Low Viscosity
  • Silicone 200 centistokes Medium to Low Viscosity
  • Silicone 350 centistokes Medium to Low Viscosity
  • Silicone 10000 centistokes Medium to High Viscosity
  • Silicone 25000 centistokes High Viscosity
  • Silicone 50000 centistokes High Viscosity
  • Silicone 100000 centistokes Very Very High Viscosity

Bhargav Narasimhan's comments

I don't think there could be any better lubricant than your medium viscosity lube.  It's the best lube I've ever used.

Though it does wonders on all cubes,  it works the best with

  • Weilong 
  • Zhanchi
  • Lanlan skewb
  • Dayan Lingpo
  • Aosu
  • SS pyraminx.

Though it gives a decent effect on pyraminx and megaminx,  low viscosity does a better job.  The medium viscosity is better than Lubix in my opinion as it produces a similar effect at a lesser cost.  Also lasts on the screws as much as Lubix does.

I wanted to see how long it lasts on the core,  which was why I had to take time and wait.

Does wonders on my skewb and weilong especially

As far as I've tried,  this is the only lube that works on the skewb.  Maru,  livon,  calvins, ... None work