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GAN 356 Air SM ( Super Magnetic)

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The GAN 356 Air SM has arrived! This highly-anticipated successor to the GAN 356 Air UM features an all-new design that has been optimized for magnetization, with specialized slots for holding the magnets, a new and improved elasticity system (GES V2), and a unique honeycomb design on the pieces. The Air SM feels very fast and quiet right out of the box. Each Air SM comes with a full set of 7 GES V2 spring components, GAN full bright stickers, a GAN CFOP tutorial pamphlet, plastic adjusting tool, and a GAN 356 Air SM VIP card. 

The current 3x3 WR Average of 5.97 seconds was set by Feliks Zemdegs using this cube.


Cube Dimensions 56.0mm x 56.0mm x 56.0mm
Product Weight 76.6g
Stock Color Scheme Gans Full-Bright Scheme
Fitted Stickers 3x3 56mm - Gans Stickers
Full-Fitted Stickers 3x3 56mm - GAN FF Stickers
Factory-Fitted Stickers 3x3 56mm - Gans Stickers
Release Date 15 September 2017