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Mofangge Wuxia 2x2 cube

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The QiYi MoFangGe WuXia is the newest 2x2 to hit the market, and the latest product in the celebrated Wu- lineup from MoFangGe. With many subtle but important design improvements, like unique anti corner twist technology and improved contact surface design, the WuXia is expected to be among the top-performing 2x2s on the market.


Cube Dimensions 50.0mm x 50.0mm x 50.0mm
Product Weight 61.8g
Stock Color Scheme Gans/MFG Half-Bright Scheme
Fitted Stickers 2x2 50mm - WuXia Stickers
Factory-Fitted Stickers 2x2 50mm - WuXia Stickers
Release Date 28 September 2017