Qiyi Galaxy Megaminx

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The revolutionary QiYi Galaxy Megaminx is the first megaminx released by the increasingly popular QiYi company. Easily one of the most sophisticated megaminxes on the market, this puzzle will not disappoint. Four different versions of the Galaxy Megaminx are available: sculpture, convex, concave, and plane. All versions feature the same core and internal structure. The difference is in the outer caps of the puzzle, which is modular in design and can be swapped for other caps. The Sculpture (or Sculpted) version features a sculpted outer surface, with slight indentations on each and every piece making for superior grip points.

The Convex version features convex faces, with caps that bulge outwards slightly, similar to tiles.

The Plane version is like a traditional megaminx, featuring flat faces.

The Concave version features concave faces, with sides slightly curved inwards.

luxurious suit (DIY):

This common core 1pcs, sculpture stickreless caps 1 set, convex stickerless caps 1 set, concave stickreless caps 1 set, plane stickerless caps 1 set, black caps in 4 different versions, some standby caps. so that one can try all four variations on the Qiyi megaminx.