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This Fangcun is lubed and tenstioned to beat the Zhanchi in many aspects. This experiment from us has resulted in making the SHOT available for a cheaper price and a quality much better or as good as a Zhanchi.


Available in various colours (Stickerless or Colored, Black, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow and Red)


To be unbiased we sent a Black PCubed Fangcun and a Stickerless (Coloured) PCubed Fangcun to Mr. Bhargav Narasimhan, who is our national ranker. Soon after he received the post, these were his recommendations to us and his review comments.


Mr. Bhargav Narasimhan's response as follows    
"I got the post. 1st impressions followed by impression on the cube after 125 solves -

1. A very very well packed post. The idea of the new Pcubed box for the cubes is just awesome. Kudos to whoever came up with the logo idea too. Packing is so royal! Very deeply impressed.

2. The lubing is good on both the cubes. I feel a slight variation in the tensions between the cubes and lubes at a few sides.

3. The coloured fangcun feels a lot smoother and tensioning is a bit looser on the orange side than others. The cube feels a lot better than an "out of the box" lubix zhanchi (that costs approx. Rs.1400 without including shipping). The tensions are looser than the black fangcun that came along with it. The coloured fangcun is my favourite among the two. Try the same tensions and lubing style for the black fangcun too.

4. The black fangcun has even tensions on 4 sides but white and green sides have tighter tensions. The lube is lesser on green, yellow and white sides on the screws.

5. The stickers on the black fangcun are the same as dayan stock stickers.

6. Pops : The cube doesn't pop as much as a zhanchi and is more controllable. Hence, it has more of a "guhong v2" feel. The shots are very impressive for the cost already.

7. Even though the cubes have a lot of lube, they do not overshoot unlike Lubix Zhanchis. The cube is very stable.

8. Lockups : The coloured fangcun has very few lockups and is far better than a Zhanchi. The black fangcun locksup are as much as a newly bought Zhanchi, which subsided a bit after 125 solves. Hopefully with more solves done, it will get even better.

9. After 125 solves, I have not had even a single pop with the black fangcun.

10. Finally, I personally like this idea of bringing up a cube like this in India for the first time. This SHOT is probably the best cube in the market for the price and a lot better than the zhanchi too. Since the cube comes pre-lubed and pre-tensioned, this could be a very good cube for everyone out of the box. The turning of the coloured fangcun suits one-handed too and I could get averages very similar to my OH averages on Moyu weilong (57mm)."


We have fixed the issues to a greater extent on the points (2), (3) and (4) as mentioned by Mr. Bhargav Narasimhan.